MA Food Allergen Training

MA Food Allergen Training

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Over 40,000 food service workers have selected us,
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Food Allergy Training for Food Service Professionals
Get your MA Food Allergy Certification online today for only $10.

To register and complete the MA Food Allergen training:

  1. Click the “MA Food Allergen” tab above in the green bar.
  2. Complete the required contact information.
  3. Click “Submit”
  4. You will be directed to PayPal for payment.  You may use your PayPal account or any major credit card for payment of $10.
  5. PayPal will direct you back to the course.  If not, the system will send you an email with a link to log into the course.
  6. Upon completion of the training video [Note: you must watch the video to its end, meaning through the credits.]
  7. Click “Quiz” to verity your completion of viewing by checking the box, and fill in your full name.
    Note:  Complete name is required, as it would appear on your certificate.
  8. Certificate will remain in your account for future use of printing/saving.

Why do I need MA food allergen certification?

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health / Bureau of Environmental Health/Food Protection Program has developed a regulatory program to implement M.G.L. c. 140, section 6B, “Food allergy awareness,”  in all food establishments in the Commonwealth that cook, prepare, or serve food intended for immediate consumption either on or off the premises.   As part of this program, Department regulation Section 105 CMR 590.009(H)(3)(a) of the new regulation reads:

“By February 1, 2011, such food establishments shall have on staff a certified food protection manager who has been issued a Massachusetts certificate of allergen awareness training by an allergen awareness training verification program recognized by the Department.  The certificate will be valid for 5 years.”

February 2016, Berkshire AHEC has been awarded to continue certification for food establishments by the Department of Public Health for an additional 5 years.

MA Department of Public Health / Food Protection

MA Food Allergen Training Video

The MA Food Allergen Training Video provides current information about food allergies and celiac disease-related food intolerance, including but not limited to the major food allergens; celiac disease and the food intolerances that it produces; symptoms of allergic reactions and celiac disease-related reactions to food; and procedures that restaurants should follow in educating customers about food allergies and celiac disease and steps that restaurants, inns, bed & breakfasts, caterers, should take if a customer has an allergic or celiac disease-related reaction to food.


Certificates are auto-generated after completion of viewing & completion of the quiz portion of our online training.  Your certificate will appear in your account for printing/saving to your desktop.  You may access your certificate at anytime by logging into your account.

Employers, Chambers, Health Departments and Food Protection Trainers.

We can work with you.

For employers, Berkshire AHEC offers many options for you to deliver this training. We are working with many companies, large and small in providing this training to employees.  We can help you arrange group trainings at your site with ease.  Berkshire AHEC is a SOMWBA certified organization and Massachusetts Small Business Purchasing Program participant with 40+ years history of providing education and training.  If you are interested, contact our office for more information.


Berkshire AHEC, Inc. is a vendor of the Department of Public Health as a certification site to provide the MA Food Allergen Training.
This program does not qualify for NBCC credit

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