Food Allergy Training Forms and Materials 

Food Allergy Training Video


FAAN Welcoming Guests Training Manual (1.81 mb)
FAAN Welcoming Guests Training Manual -Spanish Version (1.85 mb)
Food Allergen Poster (112.52 kb)

Registration / Payment Form (35.00 kb)
This form is to be used when you cannot register trainees online under your account or if the trainee is a walk-in.  This form is provided as a means to register trainees when no immediate or easy access is available to our online registration.  It will need to be submitted with the sign out sheets in order to process certificates.

Trainee Sign Out Form (143.50 kb)This form is for your trainees to sign.  We need their signature in order to issue a certificate.

You can create your own forms that function the same way.  We’d like to see them before you use them to insure they comply with our requirements.   Thank you.

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